[BangPypers] Minutes of the usergroup meeting - 24-11-2012

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 02:20:56 CET 2012

On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Kracekumar Ramaraju
<kracekumar at hasgeek.com> wrote:
> I have few suggestions, so I am replying to my own mail.
>> Hello Everyone
>>  Today we had BangPypers meetup in InfoToros office in JP nagar. I would
>> like to thank InfoToros on behalf of BangPypers community.
>> There were 10 ten people and we had one talk -  Experiences using
>> django-social-auth .
>> We had mix of audience with beginners, intermediate users. I have recorded
>> the video of the talk and processing will be done by tomo. We need
>> volunteers to upload the video. Video will be given in a pen drive.
>> Discussions
>> ------
>> 1. People felt it is better to have meetup in well known places and rather
>> than conducting new places every month. There were suggestions to have
>> meetings in one place and 3 months meetups can take place in one place ,
>> next 3 meetups in another place.

I think it is a good idea. 3 meepups might be too much, but we can surely try 2.

>> 2. Baiju informed ZeOmega will be happy to host BangPypers.
>> 3. There was discussion about buying equipment for real time processing
>> pycon videos[InPycon is right list to discuss].

Yes. Lets think about it.

Thanks for shooting the video this time.

>> 4. There were discussions about how to spread   BangPypers meetup word and
>> bringing in more participations.
>    - BangPypers should have a twitter handle + facebook page. I can
>    volunteer to maintain it.

Thanks Krace!

>    - Post all the up coming meetings as a blog post, so that people can
>    subscribe for RSS feed or posts as email.

Yes, we should maintain the blog.

We are planning to setup planet python india. So it will be another
place for people to find about meetups.

>    - Apparently there are lot of people who don't follow bangpypers mailing
>    list + meetup, so it easy if we can have twitter handle + facebook page +
>    RSS feed which makes promotion easier.
>    - Currently we have agenda where someone needs to prepare a talk and
>    present. This can be tedious if I have tiring week, so if we post our
>    meetup as a blog post and enable comments, people who will be attending can
>    leave comment about their area of exposure in python. As a result people
>    can come to meetup and after talk they can have general discussion. Today
>    myself and Baiju were discussing about PyPy progress and how much PyPy is
>    used in production. This can enable good discussion between beginners and
>    experienced users.

I don't think comments will be a good idea.  We can use a wiki page
for maintaing the agenda. We can discuss in the mailing list and
update the wiki page. People who are not in the mailing list can
directly update the wiki.


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