[BangPypers] Instead of LAMP can we use django ?

jaya kumar jayakumargenius at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 17:46:16 CET 2012

Hai to all

My question is may be funny  but long time its raising in my mind the
solution i can expect from you to solve please suggest me
For developing web applications all are choosing LAMP
(Linux,Apache,Mysql,Php).One Company is going to develop a websites like
(Monster,Shaadi.com,ebay)  they are looking to develop these type of
websites  in a couple of hours and setting deadline shortly.I heard from
Google they putting short deadlines to achieve their work by using these !

For these people can we suggest

Python  (Django ) Framework
Postgre sql

can we suggest these type of python framework and postgresql for them ?

please suggest how far it is good or bad !

comments welcome

thanks and regards


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