[BangPypers] Evaluating Web Frameworks based on certain criteria

larryt at winfirst.com larryt at winfirst.com
Mon Apr 1 21:04:46 CEST 2013

>I need to decide on a python web-framework based on the below listed
>   1. Ease of customization of bundled packages
>   2. Ease of development
>   3. Long term support of frameworks
>   4. Learning curve
>   5. Logging and monitoring
>   6. Clustering
>   7. Ease of deployment
>   8. Testing: unit testing libraries
>   9. DB management
>   10. User management: e.g. should be possible to tie one user id to
>   multiple entities
>   11. LDAP integration
>What would you recommend? Please share your experiences and insights
>related to any of these points. Ignore the points in the list that appear
>vague to you.
>The existing app is written in pylons 0.9 , but as we want to enhance and
>add lot more features, we would like to rebuild it on a new framework
>The current web app had too many dependencies and the new versions of some
>of these libraries have conflicting requirements. Some other libraries were
>long dead. So the choice is to rebuild entire stuff on a framework where we
>will not end up in the same situation.

There are probably three to look at in following the advice you've already received: Pyramid, Django and Flask.  If you're a PC/Mac shop look first and harder at Django.  Otherwise start with Flask and Pyramid.  I use Flask because the ecosystem seems more manageable to me, but I'm sure that's just because of my previous experience, so yours may lead you to Pyramid, especially coming from pylons.


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