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Hi Annapoornima,

On Thursday 22 August 2013 04:04 PM, Annapoornima Koppad wrote:
> Dear All,
> I recently started the Pyladies Bangalore chapter. I wanted to know
> how many lady python programmers are on Bangalore python users
> group. I will be really interested in the numbers in terms of,
> 1. How many lady python programmers are on Bangalore python users
> group? 2. How many are active in attending the Bangalore meetups? 
> 3. How much is the participation of these women for any of
> Bangalore Python outreach activities. 4. Of the active members, how
> many have been active in producing good quality talks, workshops,
> etc.
> I did a little bit of research before deciding to email the group
> here. There are 570 members on the Bangalore Python user groups. Of
> which 20 are ladies. Of the 20 number, 3 are recruiters. This
> number is really disconcerting to me. Am I missing out some people
> here? This is leading me to ask these questions.

Thanks for your initiative. It is welcome.

However your numbers are a bit off. I just checked the mailman admin
interface and mailman tells me there are 1104 members in total. Your
number of 570 is roughly 50% off.

There is of course no way to classify it by gender as mailman doesn't
ask this information. So no idea how you figured out the number of
ladies and the recruiters. Would be useful to know.

> 1. How many women really attend workshops/meetups? 2. Are there any
> efforts to understand the problems associated with the poor
> attendance of women? 3. Aren't there any women who want to learn
> Python but are too afraid to ask questions. What is being done to
> address these problems?

I suggest to create a survey for this at a say like surveymonkey or
surveyreport and send the survey to the mailing list, with these
questions. That would be the best way to collect your data.

Let the admins know if we can help in some way.

> That said, I am attaching the links to Pyladies Bangalore.

> Annapoornima Koppad 
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