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Aditya Laghate aditya at thinrhino.net.in
Fri Aug 30 11:01:45 CEST 2013

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 01:09:44PM +0530, Ashish Agrawal wrote:
>Heres a link to Bill's complete bio : http://www.coughran.net/wmcbio.html.
>As you can see from it, Bill Coughran was a vice president at Bell labs and
>also the SVP of engineering at Google. His teams and engineers who worked with
>him drove the inventions discussed and Bill was often the sponsoring executive
>who set the strategy and provided the guidance for these inventions to occur
>and become the household names that you see today. Hope this helps clarify the
>issue a little. 


Dude, Bill graduated from college in 1975. C was first noticed in the
wild in 1972. Are you telling us, that he was the VP or
whatever senior position at Bell labs, before he graduated?

He might have been at a senior position in Google, when products like
Chrome were designed and made. That does not make him the person who
'invented' C or C++ or Unix. 

Please get your facts right.

Aditya Laghate

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