[BangPypers] [JOB] Knowlarity is looking for a fullstack developers

Noufal Ibrahim KV noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Tue Dec 3 11:29:40 CET 2013

Aditya Laghate <aditya at thinrhino.net.in> writes:


> Out of curiosity, does the term 'Full Stack' mean, 'Jack of all trades &
> Master of (N)one'?
> I ask this, because of late after hearing/reading the terms like
> 'Rockstar', 'Ninja' & such similar terms, the new trend seems to be
> 'Full stack developer'. 
> I wonder, how many people would there be in this world who are true
> 'Full stack' - 'Master of all, jack of none' kinds out there!!

I'm more charitable than that to the term and usually interpret it to
mean a skilled generalist rather than a specialist (e.g. a data



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