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> Hi guys and girls,
> I am software engineer and also an enthusiastic programmer.
> I have learned python on my own, though not knowledgeable as you people
> are. I have learned python purely out of my interest.
> Now i would like to get involved in some serious python development
> activities. Any suggestions?
> The problem with HRs is that they will usually treat me as a freshers,
> especially in india.
> Your advice will definitely change my careers and also, I will get to do
> the thing which I love.
There are lot of python projects in github in case you want to contribute,
the best way is to create an desktop app or webapp or python module or
python package. Ask suggestions from Friends and other programmers for your

Kindly find your own interest(Music or cricket app or wget in python) since
path I followed may or maynot work out for you.

To have look of programmers in Bangalore, you can try
https://github.com/search?q=bangalore&ref=commandbar&type=Users , same
logic can be extended for python projects.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Radhakrishna
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Thanks & Regards

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