[BangPypers] Job: Opportunity with Oboulo.com

Simon Paul rdsimon034 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:27:28 CET 2013

*Hi **Bangpyers,**


*We are looking for Python Developers at Bangalore.  Please find the Job
description below.

*Responsibilities :*

You would join a linux expert team and participate in the development of
set top boxes and new generation products' user interfaces and graphic
engines for the biggest worldwide operators.

Your main tasks are to:
• Analyze customer requirements and specifications (concepts, menus and
submenus of a product from functional specifications and graphics)
• Conduct behavior needed (+ access to the controller model)
• Test the result directly to the final product
• Detect memory leaks and performance issues



Must have worked on any of the following langages: Python, Javascript, Lua,
Erlang, Ruby, etc.

Must have a  interest in graphic design and / or asynchronous programming
frameworks (twisted asyncore, stackless, etc ...).
Must have a good knowledge of the “stdlib” as well as some external
libraries. The different patterns commonly used may not be different.

*Experience**:* 2-5 years

*Qualifications: *

• Python language (or Javascript, Io, Erlang, Lua, etc ...)
• Professional experience in Python is an asset
• A knowledge in C++, Java, Qt, C#
• Understanding of the MVC and ORM signals

Do you find this profile interesting, Please send in your resume to *
simon at oboulo.com**


HR Executive - Recruitment/ Oboulo.com internet services private limited.

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