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स्वक्ष svaksha at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 11:34:40 CEST 2013

On 6/5/13, Bibhas Ch Debnath <me at bibhas.in> wrote:
> On 5 June 2013 13:53, स्वक्ष <svaksha at gmail.com> wrote:
>> In that case, the transaction should have failed when the registrant
>> provides a fake address - it DID NOT. That only means one thing - both
>> DoAttend and ebs.in (their payment gateway provider) DONT have any
>> access to your bank details.
> No it doesn't mean that. It means that they are not validating it right
> away.​​

How do you know that? Do you know what information your bank is
allowed to share with TPV's?

I am waiting to hear what DoAttend has to say about it but just FYI,
in most banks, the credit card process is separated from its
core-banking (read its  outsourced) and you have to validate your
address and other personal details separately <-- That they dont allow
their core-banking details to be accessed by their own CC department,
which should tell you how important security and privacy are. If you
still dont get why privacy and security are important, I dont know
what else to say.

>> At best, they are fraudulently collecting
>> important private details <-- For what? Remember, they already have
>> your name, email id, phone number, bank address and the most important
>> Credit card details along with the CCV number and the expiry details.
>> All this information with a third-party vendor should make you nervous
>> about online fraud.
> I'm not saying that there isn't any gap. I'm saying here are the reasons
> they can show you. Let's wait for their response and see what they say.

What reasons? Please dont justifying TPV's and service providers
phishing for bank details of people who register through their
website. That is just not acceptable.

I wont speculate on the how, but with all the personal information
they have, the potential for fraud is high and that makes me nervous.
I'll stop here. I am definitely waiting for their response on this.

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