[BangPypers] CBSE to teach introduction to python in class 11 and 12

Arun Ravindran arunvr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 15:12:46 CEST 2013


Having learnt C++ via CBSE schools in +2 and being a python enthusiast, I
think this is an incredible move by CBSE. But like with any syllabus change
I expect a lot of resistance from faculty. They have been comfortable
teaching C++ for the last 13 years. Given an option like this, they would
not even support Python for the next few years.

I propose several strategies/benefits to promote Python over C++ in such

1. *Highlight abundance of projects in Python*: Practical and Project work
marks is very crucial to students. Python helps in making high quality,
modern web or GUI applications in reasonable time. C++ projects are simply
too intensive.
2. *It is not easy to install C/C++ compilers these days:* Turbo C++ (Still
popular in schools, unfortunately) needs DOS emulators on modern Windows.
On the other hand, Python is easy to install and pre-installed in many OSes.
3. *Point out cheaper hardware* like Raspberry Pi which support Python out
of the box.
4. *Lot of fun ways to learn Python*. There are great books which teach
Game Programming. There are several online Python compilers. Not to forget,
immediate feedback from the Python interpreter is a great way to learn.
5. *Community*: Python community being much more active and helpful than
C++, most beginners would find a lot of searchable content and forums to
ask their newbie questions

These are some of the suggestions at the top of my head. But yes, I really
would like to participate and make this initiative a success!

Arun Ravindran

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