[BangPypers] Volunteer for Managing pycon India Website content

vijay vnbang2003 at yahoo.com
Wed May 22 18:20:04 CEST 2013

   Workflows like CFP is taken care by funnel.
    Registration is taken care by doattend we just need to provide link and explain why we need registration fee and all.

Timeline wise 
1) CFP is tentative in 1-2 days.
2) Registration need to start by EOW.
3) Sponsor's we need it as early as possible as we are already late on this and we already got sponsor confirmation from few companies.

hope this answers your question.

With Thanks

 From: Gora Mohanty <gora at mimirtech.com>
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Subject: Re: [BangPypers] Volunteer for Managing pycon India Website content

On 22 May 2013 19:29, vijay <vnbang2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Konark,mukesh,Gora,sayan and Rahul thanks for volunteering to help us.
> As Anand C said can you guys send a pull request to https://github.com/pythonindia/pyconindia2013
> We basically to work in showing this information
> 1)  Home section- Like venue , about us.
> 2)  CFP section- Explain term and condition and display link to submit
> 3)  Sponsor's section with 4 slot 1) platinum 2) gold 3) silver 4) partners
> 4)  Twitter plugin
> 5)  Keynote speaker section
> 6)  Registration section
> 7)  Blog/New section
> 8)  FAQ section
> 9)  Schedule - once Talk selection is done
> 10) Volunteer section to recognize volunteer for their support( my plan is to include this to motivate volunteer)
> Do let me know if any section is missed.
> CFP is been worked by Anand C and Ramki, so we can pick other section and work on the same.
> @Anand C please do provide us instruction on how to set up locally and guide us on how to contribute faster.

I presume that one just forks the repo, informs people what one
is working on, and sends Anand  a pull request once the work is

I have a fundamental question. Since the above requirements
have workflows like registration, and since the content will be
expanding significantly, is there any interest in moving to a
framework plus CMS? If so, my vote would be for Django +

Also, are there timelines for the various tasks, or even a broad
deadline? Finally, I presume that this discussion needs to move
offline, or to a different mailing list.


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