[BangPypers] First python interview

Vinayak Hegde vinayakh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 15:05:44 CEST 2013

Since you are already somewhat comfortable with python. I suggest the
following depending on how much time you have.

1. Learn Python the hard way
Work your way through the book as much as possible

2. Project Euler
Implement some of the problems here to get a good hang of things

3. Python Module of the week
If you do some half-decent work with python you will be using a lot of
Start with this pdf http://pymotw.com/2/PyMOTW-1.132.pdf to get an overview
of some of the modules. Also python documentation is quite extensive.

As for Django, The documentation is decent (just check the version you are
working on). I have read good review of two scoop of Django but not read it

-- Vinayak

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 6:22 PM, Avneesh Chadha <avneesh.chadha at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am going in for my first python interview. I have never actively worked
> in python(java programmer) but am comfortable with it to some extent(used
> it for competing at code chef).
> I am sure all you python gurus probably would have interviewed people for
> python and many of you would have given lots of interviews for Python.
> I could really use some tips on what exactly should I really be focusing on
> while studying for it and what should I expect.
> A little about the process up till now-
> They sent me a problem to solve(the usual code jam type problem, but toned
> down in difficulty) which i was able to do correctly.
> Now i have  telephonic interview.
> They basically require people strong in python and knowledge of django is a
> plus.
> I have 2 days to prepare for it.
> Thanks.
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