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Navin Kabra navin at smriti.com
Tue Oct 15 07:55:41 CEST 2013

If I were interviewing you, I would not really be checking your python
knowledge (unless you claimed to be good in Python in your resume). I
would really check how good you are in Java (your primary language), and
your general programming and problem solving skills.

However, if I really wanted someone good in Python right now, I would
check how far you had progressed in writing 'pythonic' code. Here is one
attempt at making a list of features that newbies (i.e. people migrating
to python from other languages) typically miss, or learn late in life.

- List comprehensions and generators.
- Familiarity with the standard library - too much re-invention of the
  wheel exists in the world today. You shouldn't be adding to that problem.
- Use of *args and **kwargs
- knowledge of itertools
- Docstrings and Doctests
- scipy/numpy/matplotlib if you're doing anything with data

Even more advanced features - I really wouldn't expect you to know
these, but if you did, that would impress me:

- Generator expressions (and how to create those yourself). Combine with list comprehensions
- Decorators - to make your code concise and more readable. And learn to create decorators
- Understanding of python closures. A lot of complex code gets written by people who don't think of using an appropriate closure
- The 'with' statement.
- Properties.

I adapted this from here:

Also check out this StackOverflow question:

Avneesh Chadha <avneesh.chadha at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi guys,
> I am going in for my first python interview. I have never actively worked
> in python(java programmer) but am comfortable with it to some extent(used
> it for competing at code chef).
> I am sure all you python gurus probably would have interviewed people for
> python and many of you would have given lots of interviews for Python.
> I could really use some tips on what exactly should I really be focusing on
> while studying for it and what should I expect.
> A little about the process up till now-
> They sent me a problem to solve(the usual code jam type problem, but toned
> down in difficulty) which i was able to do correctly.
> Now i have  telephonic interview.
> They basically require people strong in python and knowledge of django is a
> plus.
> I have 2 days to prepare for it.
> Thanks.
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