[BangPypers] Object Oriented Programming in python

Dhananjay Nene dhananjay.nene at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 14:33:28 CEST 2013

Am going to sign out of this discussion. It would not be correct to
say it is reaching the point of diminishing returns. In fact for
myself it has turned more interesting. But its turned a bit esoteric.
Have been doing up some more reading and I drew a few conclusions for

* Terms don't mean the same across languages. In fact they may not
even mean the same within programmers of the same language. (eg.
metaclasses and
* I think the semantics need to be evaluated in the context of what
capabilities are imparted. Incidentally I got much more confused about
metaclasses in other langs, though I'm going to probably not continue
with seeking more there at the moment. But I think my comfort persists
that Python has the necessary constructs to support various usecases I
could think of, and thats good enough for the moment. Much of the
runtime capability enhancement is available via classes and
construction time via metaclasses (the point Saager was driving). I
think I got that. These are powerful tools at a programmers disposal.

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