[BangPypers] Online Resources to Learn Web development with Python & Django

Parul Gupta parul8ue at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 06:44:00 CEST 2014

Dear all

I am a self-taught Python/Django fan. Before jumping into Webdev, I had had
a 10-year long technical career mostly doing telecom & wireless stuff. Then
I got really excited about the potential of online education (triggered by
the MOOC movement led by Coursera, khan academy etc) and decided to start a
company called SlideRule <http://mysliderule.com>. When I started, I knew
nothing about web-development, nor about Django. I knew a little about
Python, enough to love it as my language of choice over Ruby/Rails ;-) Over
time, I have painstakingly used a lot of resources on the web, courses,
blogs, videos etc to pick up many of the necessary concepts. I thought my
experience might be useful to a lot of people trying to learn the same, so
I have put it together in a WebDev learning path


Would also love to get your (or your friends') feedback on whether this was
useful and how it can be improved.


SlideRule <http://mysliderule.com/>: Learn something new

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