[BangPypers] Two Scoops of Django India Edition is now available!

Daniel Greenfeld pydanny at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 07:30:20 CEST 2014

Audrey Roy writes about it here:

Some more details:

Printing: Our Indian printer, pothi.com, has outdone themselves. We
have extremely high standards and proudly say it's a BETTER printing
than the US edition. The paper feels good in the hand. The slightly
increased margins make it easier to annotate. In fact, it's such an
amazing book we're planning on making it available world-wide. It's
just that good. We appreciate pothi.com's service and attention to
detail, and hope to use them for other future projects.

Content: Besides the addition of 'India Edition' in the footer, the
content is identical to the US edition.

Pricing: Our pricing reflects the India Edition's international
distribution. While it's actually significantly more expensive to
produce than our US edition, we're going to cut our margins and charge
$5.00 less than the US edition per copy. That puts the pricing at
US$39.95, or about 2399 Indian Rupees. The downside is that we don't
believe we can work out a bulk order version.


Daniel Greenfeld

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