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Suman Debnath suman.san14 at yahoo.in
Tue Apr 22 13:14:44 CEST 2014

This is fantastic Parul.
You and your team is doing a great job. We all need these kind of initiative. 

Suman Debnath
Performance Engineering
EMC Corporation 

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Great to hear from you Jay, and would love to meet enthu pythoneers here!
Though our company is split between US and India, most of our team is in
Bangalore and we are in the Microsoft Accelerator currently.

We started 9 months ago with the goal to help learners find the best online
learning resources for their needs. Today, a lot of learning content from
experts is available online, but it is scattered. We make it easy to find
all of it in one place,filter  and read reviews. We also curate sequences
of online courses (called learning paths, the WebDev path was our first) to
help people learn more complex skills.

Would love to get your feedback on the site :-)


SlideRule <http://mysliderule.com/>: Learn something new

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        with Python & Django

Hi Parul,

Where is your company based ? I am  in Bangalore. I was instrumental in
making Python "the preferred language" in IIIT Hyderabad a decade ago where
Pearl was ruling the roost . Though I have stopped programming some years
ago, I will go through the learning path and relearn.

Please let us know more about your company.

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