[BangPypers] [X-Post] ERPNext Conference, 2014

Pratik Vyas m at pd.io
Thu Aug 14 08:10:08 CEST 2014

Hi BangPyPers!

We're excited to announce ERPNext Conference, 2014 scheduled on 25th
September. We've sessions planned for ERPNext users, partners and
developers and are hosting it in Mumbai.

ERPNext is a free and GPL licensed ERP for small and medium sized
business and has modules for accounting, manufacturing, sales,
purchase, HR management, project management, customer support and even
has an integrated CMS for a company website.

The product is powered by the frappe framework and can be used to
build web based business apps. Features include MVC, database
migration system, CMS, out of the box REST APIs, user management,
background tasks and more. Frappe apps can extend or complement
ERPNext or other frappe apps.

The product and framework are written in Python and JavaScript and use
MariaDB as database.


Conference page  : https://erpnext.com/conf
Registration page : https://erpnext.com/conf/register

Product website     : https://erpnext.com
Frappe framework : https://frappe.io



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