[BangPypers] combine multiple modules in one

Nitin Kumar nitin.nitp at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 19:05:32 CET 2014


say I am installing a module "abc" and it got multiple dependent modules
say xyz pqr.
pip easy install will take care of downloading and installing these.

but i need to install "abc" on a device which doesnt have net connection.

So do i need to copy tar.gz for each abc, pqr, xyz and install all
individually or is there a way i can create one installer say final.tar.gz
out of abc, xyz, pqr (on off box) and copy final.tar.gz to device and
install using it.

If I am thinking in totally worng direction, do let me know what all option
i have.
is there any already existing sdk for the same??

Nitin K

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