[BangPypers] Terrible choices: MySQL. What is the way ahead?

Okan bhan rajalokan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:44:35 CET 2014

> http://blog.ionelmc.ro/2014/12/28/terrible-choices-mysql/
> Regards,
> Asif
Thanks Asif for sharing the link. I was going through it in morning and
re-read couple of times again after this post.

We also remember facing similar issues faced by Ionel (author) and missing
out on customer data (for a Django application). And I see coming from
Django 1.2 + Mysql5.5  to Django1.5 + MySQL 5.5, we kept on adding similar
django setting.

But in comments ( here
Nohay has given descent enough reasons to continue trust in MySql with
release 5.7+.  With my limited knowledge of Database internals and most of
issues with MySQL fixed in 5.7+, my view is to rather upgrade and continue
using MySQL. Will that be right thing to do??

My major reason to continue will be no exposure to PostgreSQL. And after
struggling so much with MySQL, if I use Postgre I will be in a domain of
unknown again. Can anyone please point to articles comparing latest version
of both or share their view for a db novice.

Thanks & Regards
Alok Kumar

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