[BangPypers] Terrible choices: MySQL. What is the way ahead?

Okan bhan rajalokan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 17:19:53 CET 2014

> [...]
> > My major reason to continue will be no exposure to PostgreSQL. And
> > after struggling so much with MySQL, if I use Postgre I will be in a
> > domain of unknown again. Can anyone please point to articles comparing
> > latest version of both or share their view for a db novice.
> [...]
> I can't offer anything normative but in my experience (and it's a little
> dated since I don't use mySQL for anything these days), mySQL is a
> disaster waiting to hit you.
> If I had to recommend a path ahead, I'd suggest that you bite the bullet
> now and make the technical and other investments necessary to migrate
> from mySQL to postgres right away. It's a much more future proof
> investment. If your budget and situation doesn't allow for that, atleast
> make a plan to migrate and stop investing in mySQL for any of your work
> from now.
Thanks Noufal for heads up. As you suggested, I will start using PostgreSQL
for any of my demo or tryout django projects.

Meanwhile, doesn't look like a good week or descent year end for Mysql
users -->

Wishes for a prosperous new year.

Thanks & Regards

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