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Reliance Jio plans to offer 4G data services powered by a massive Openstack
cloud deployment. We are staffing up the Bangalore office and are looking
for passionate Python developers who can contribute to Openstack. Given
that we will be consuming the same on a continued basis, we would naturally
like to influence the product direction, as well. If you are interested to
be a part of this effort, send your resume to HariCharanRao at gmail.com.

Here are some articles in the media which showcase Reliance Jio's plan in
this area:


Here is a detailed job description:

Job Duties:

1) Extend features of the OpenStack platform for provisioning and managing
the life cycle of virtual machines in large scale
2) Facilitate design discussions with developers from Reliance as well as
the OpenStack community and document designs with blueprints
3) Actively participate in regular OpenStack meetings and contribute to
discussion on designs from the community
4) Actively review code in the OpenStack community
5) Write clean, maintainable code that is suitable for continuous
integration and deployment (CI/CD), following best practices and guidelines
from Reliance and the OpenStack community
6) Debug code, troubleshoot problems and develop solutions for production
7) Collaborate with other developers, test engineers, DevOps and support to
ensure smooth deployment
8) Contribute to Reliance strategy on productizing OpenStack features

Job Requirements:

The ideal candidate shall have the following:

1) 2+ years of significant software development experience
2) A passion for open source software development
3) A focus on test driven development with good knowledge of unit testing
frameworks and methodologies
4) Good knowledge of massively scalable systems
5) Ability to continually learn new technologies
6) Linux operating system/application development experience
7) BE/ME/MTech/MS in Computer Science or equivalent
8) Excellent written and verbal English skills
9) Comfortable working in open source community and interacting across
mailing lists, IRC and other distributed communications systems


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