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Vikas Ruhil vikasruhil06 at gmail.com
Mon May 12 09:48:49 CEST 2014

Hey Folks,

*Location : Pune, India [Remote also allowed]*
Who we are:

We are a cloud based automation company. We focus on automated VM provision
& automated application deployment. We have some awesome products in IT
automation. We are a coming with our SAAS  product.We are growing at fast
pace.We are using Artificial intelligence to enhance the power of

Our approach is different: we love open-source and leverage the community.

Website: http://www.opexsoftware.com/

*We're going through a period of explosive growth and need your help.*

What we're looking for:

We're looking for an exceptional growth hacker to support our growth team.

This position has the potential to grow into one of the most important and
senior roles in the company.

You are curious: you can't resist the urge to solve hard problems, learn
new domains, try new things, and you don't take "that's impossible" for an

You have done many mistakes (we know you won't make them again)

We need a young and energetic person who can solve problems.

Bonus: 1) Linux

           2) Ruby and python is big plus

Points:  1) 5 Points if you attend any Pycon.

            2) 10 points if you have a active account of Github.

            3) 50 points if you are contributer to open-source project.

            4) 10 points if you are Girl

            5) 20 points if someone can recommend professor/trainer

Hiring producers: You have score 80 out of 150.

Assignment: 80 points

*NOTE*: *Age, experience no bar. Even people from major in English can

*           We encourage girls to apply.  *We need dedicated guys who are
quick learners.  We will provide training Linux and other things that could

Some examples of what we're working on now:

   - AWS, Rackspace , Google compute management and monitoring API's
   - Leverage VM using KVM, xen
   - Build VM and automated provisioning.
   - you will get exposure to GO, PYTHON, RUBY.
   - You will exposure scale of 100 VM to 1000 in real time

*Time: Internship period is 3 months, after you will full time employee in
Opexsoftware. *

*Travel: You should have a passport if not , then apply it. After 3 months
you may travel to Germany, France for company projects.*

Contact Person: Vikash Ruhil

Email: vikas.ruhil at opexsoftware.com

Phone: +91 7030291441*(Only for Professors/Trainer or HR from
Colleges/Institutes  ,can give a Direct call. )*


Vikash Ruhil

DevOps Evangelist

Vikash Ruhil

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