[BangPypers] Raising issue WRT Bangpypers mailing list

Pratham Gadre pratham.gadre at gmail.com
Wed May 21 20:58:45 CEST 2014

Hello Brian & Jesse,
I am an incognito member of the BangPypers mailing list. Reason for being
incognito is
simple, the people who run the list are very sensitive to criticism and
react in a harsh and non-professional manner.

I was looking to see, who I could raise this issue to, via the Python.org
website, I saw Brian was the communications officer and Jesse is the
Vice-Chairman of the PSF.

This time, I write to you with links to the content of the emails, which
can be found at

My replies are available here -> http://pastebin.com/7kWWcMvF

Both my emails were rejected with the response:
"Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator."

Screenshot of replied from the moderator.

At the risk of sounding like a 5 year old complaining about a bully hitting
him in school, may I request you to kindly warn the moderators of the
mailing list.

I guess as member of the community, if I feel something is not right, I
have the right to voice my opinion. A few months back Anand Pillai, a PSF

It would really help, if there is some intervention.

I would have ideally written to the list owners, but I have real bad
experience in dealing with them earlier.


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