[BangPypers] Invitation to deliver workshop at PyCampus at PES Institute of Technology

vidhisha nair vidhishanair at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 16:46:24 CEST 2014

Hello all!

I'm Vidhisha, a final year student from PES Institute of Technology,
Bangalore and a member of the PES Open Source Community [1].

We are a strong community of 5000+ members based out of PES Institute to
Technology. We actively advocate, evangelize and spread the message on
being open. We help beginners get started with contributing to Open Source.

As part of our activities, we plan to have a Python Workshop 'PyCampus' at
our college for the benefit of our students, so that they can be aware of
the power and use of the language. We would like to have a beginners day of
Python on 19th October, 2014 where we would like all basics of python to be
taught and an advanced day on 2nd November, 2014 where we look into
advanced applications of python like Pandas, Flask, etc.

We had collaborated with the Bangalore Python Users Group last year for the
same event and had an amazing feedback from our students and community.

We would like to request members of this community to once again come in as
speakers for these days so that we can deliver an amazing session to
students at our college. Please feel free to ask me any further details
which I have missed out.

You can contact me on:
vidhishanair at gmail.com

[1] PES Open Source Community : http://pesos.pes.edu/


Thanks and Regards,
Vidhisha B
PES Open Source Community

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