[BangPypers] Regular registration closes in 5 days!

Haris Ibrahim K. V. blucalvin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 07:34:23 CEST 2015


On 10 August 2015 at 11:09, Haris Ibrahim K. V. <blucalvin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello folks!
> Grab your tickets now! Just 5 more days to go before the Regular
> Python ticket sale closes. https://in.explara.com/e/pycon-india-2015.
> Really, don't wait. You know how Tatkal tickets work out, don't you? ;)
> Just in case you were wondering why you should attend PyCon India,
> here is a little something that one of our volunteers shared a while
> back:
> http://www.aniketmaithani.net/python/5-reasons-why-you-should-attend-pycon-india-2015/
> If you haven't checked out the keynote speakers, and the latest
> updates on our blog, please jump over to the site and have a look
> around at http://in.pycon.org/.
> Yep, don't miss out on our dev sprints this year! The CFP is open:
> https://in.pycon.org/blog/2015/dev-sprint-cfp.html
> Cheers y'all and hope to see all of you in October!

I would be be extremely grateful if each of you could circulate this
email in your circles - company internal mailing lists, college
mailings lists, etc.

Well, you couldn't probably care less whether I am grateful to you or
not, but you have to admit, the more Pythons around, the merrier,
ain't it? :)


Haris Ibrahim K. V.

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