[BangPypers] [clarification]

Sudheer Satyanarayana sudheer.zzz at sudheer.net
Wed Aug 12 14:56:19 CEST 2015

On 08/12/2015 05:42 PM, Shashidhar Paragonda wrote:
> hello Python hackers,
> I wanted to learn about private cloud computing, gone through some google
> search information, found that OpenStack framework is good for the same.
> Does anyone have idea about OpenStack and its strength, futuristic benefits.
> Thank you in advance.
Private could computing is a vague term. But yes, OpenStack fits the 
bill in a generic sense. I would say, just run with it and don't bother 
too much about its strengths and  'futuristic benefits'.

My two cents.


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