[BangPypers] Need help with implementing Flask framework and Jinja2 templates on google app engine python

tony mathew tonymathew03 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 07:47:37 CEST 2015


I am using python code for  a backend application that is hosted on google
app engine. I use the nosql database from google app enigne (datastore). My
interface for accessing my backend database models is currently built using
webapp2 framework. I am looking to migrate it to Flask framework with
Jinja2 templates and wtforms and have got basic url rules , views  and
forms in place. I need some help in implementing features like multi page
display of a nosql database query result, suitable edit widget for python
lists, selection of multiple entities for performing a common operation on
multiple entities at once, etc. If anyone knows any good material or has
any prior experience with using Flask on google app engine's python
environment, can you please give some suggestions or your contact info.
Please reply only to me at tonymathew03 at gmail.com


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