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On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 1:16 PM, vijay kumar <vnbang2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> > There was a suggestion of having 10 minutes slot at the end of the meetup
> > where companies can speak about them and openings for 2 minutes.
> >
> > -1
> Today lot of participants come as it's a place to gain and share knowledge.
> We should not be changing the intention of meetup by providing space for
> hiring, it might turn out being a commercial space.
Am afraid allowing companies to talk about themselves and their job
> opportunities might create conflict of interest with the company providing
> space for our meetup which may not be good for us.

Good point. We need to communicate this to host.

> I would say lets stick to knowledge sharing and discussion about python for
> meetup
> We already have job page on python India website (
> http://python.org.in/jobs/). We should plan to work on that page instead.
> Otherwise we can have Bangpypers newsletter where we send meetup details
> along with job opportunities as well.

+1 for job board and newsletter. If there are any volunteers to take this
up, we can think of bigger collaboration.

> But my question is
>  What does Bangpypers get in return for publishing about X company job
> requirement?

Probably too early to predict. Boston Python User group does take
sponsorship [1] and [2].

[1]: http://www.meetup.com/bostonpython/pages/How_sponsorship_works/
[2]: http://www.meetup.com/bostonpython/pages/Job_Posting_requirements/

If companies can find developers and learn from other developers,
BangPypers meetups will be relevant.

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