[BangPypers] Connecting developers and companies

Noufal Ibrahim KV noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Mon Jul 20 08:09:18 CEST 2015

On Mon, Jul 20 2015, vijay kumar wrote:


> We expect companies to be alteast be active in community in share knowledge
> rather than just coming for job posting announcement.

Companies are not interested in "sharing knowledge". They're interested
in hiring and making money as it should be. Employees from companies
share knowledge and do things like what you've said and they sometimes
move between organisations. A user group meetup is a fine place to do

I just feel that we shouldn't get too "leftist" about the way we speak
to companies. There is some place for commercial interests in a healthy
community. A position where the "community" and the "companies" are
completely separate and even confrontational is not sustainable.

> It might even endup becoming Job Fair where people(carry resumes) and
> companies(Carry boxes) come for hiring not to discuss about python.

I don't see the point in shooting down an idea based on an extreme
doomsday scenario. If people start doing this, the organisers can stop
it. My expectation is that *most* of the companies get how the ecosystem
works and will respect it. There will be a few people, probably non tech
folks who just focus on hiring who might screw things up but we can
always tell them to stop rather than cancel the whole project up front.

In either case, it's really great that such a possibility is even being
discussed. The people working on bangpypers really deserve our
appreciation for bringing the whole thing upto this level and going
forward, I'm sure it'll only get better.



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