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Congrats kushal.
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[On behalf of Ian Cordasco, our election administrator...]

Hey all,

Yesterday I tallied the results of the PSF Board of Directors Election
for the 2015-2016 term. I compiled the results here:

In short we had 12 people win (by vote count):

- Nick Coghlan
- Diana Clarke
- Van Lindberg
- Lynn Root
- Alex Gaynor
- Marc-Andre Lemburg
- Carol Willing
- Naomi Ceder
- Anna Ossowski
- Carrie Anne Philbin
- Kushal Das
- Ashwini Oruganti

I spoke with David and in the past, ties have been broken with code such as:

    if random.random() < 0.5:
        print('Candidate A')
        print('Candidate B')

So in following with that, I ran that code and came up with the 11th
director: Ashwini Oruganti. For some amount of verifiability, I
recorded the run of that script:

Here, in case you didn't guess, AO is Ashwini Oruganti and KD is Kushal Das.

The announcement will be on the PSF Blog shortly thanks to Mary Ann

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