[BangPypers] UI less Rest API server with flask

anu sree anusree.a04 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 15:27:15 CEST 2015

Thanks anuvrat and krace,

How do we do validation of data in the POST and PUT API request, if we use
only native fask ?.

I have seen a way in flask-restful, but I am planing to use only native


On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 6:28 PM, kracekumar ramaraju <
kracethekingmaker at gmail.com> wrote:

> The biggest problem with all rest apis except Django REST framework is no
> distinction between serializer and model. Soon that will be problem for the
> kind of tasks you want to do.
> I don't use any framework to create apis in Flask.
> I follow different approach, use schematics [1] for serialization, Flask
> method view and use model methods/service layer to interact with dbs,
> queues etc ...
> You can find the similar example for Django in schematics example
> directory, it should be easy to implement in Flask too.
> [1]: http://github.com/schematics/schematics
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