[BangPypers] PyCon India 2015 Call for Proposals

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PyCon India 2015 will be taking place from October 02-04 in Bangalore and we're ready to accept proposals. 

The PyCon India website has received a beautiful refresh, Check out our new website at: http://in.pycon.org/2015/

We have received good numbers of proposals over each of the last several years, and we expect this year to be no different. For 2014 we received 143 proposals for talks and workshops.

If you are interested on submitting a proposal, take a look at our call for proposals at http://in.pycon.org/cfp/pycon-india-2015/proposals/ and poke around the site for advice and resources to help you to create a great proposals.

Below are the list of sections which may interests you while submitting proposals.
[1.] Core Python - Language Features, Python Implementations, Standard Library, Algorithms, C APIs
[2.] Embedded Python - Embedded Python, Device Interfacing, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino
[3.] Concurrency - Parallel Processing, Async IO
[4.] Scientific Computing - Scientific/Numeric Libraries
[5.] Data Visualization and Analytics - Visualizations, Statistics, Big Data
[6.] Web Development - Web Frameworks, Restful Interfaces
[7.] Security - Web Security, Server Security, Cryptography, Encryption
[8.] Testing - Unit Testing, Selenium, py.test, Nose
[9.] Network Programming - Socket programming, Async IO
[10.] Python 3k - Features, Python 2 to 3 migration experience, Writing compatible 2 and 3 code
[11.] Infrastructure - Configuration management, Automation, Cloud Infrastructure, Continuous Integration

Stay updated with the latest news of PyCon india 2015, follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/pyconindia and Facebook at

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.


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