[BangPypers] Good and practical resources to build Web Apps using Django

Aby James gits1225 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 09:23:54 CET 2015

> Recently, I wrote a book for intermediate Django programmers to address
> such questions titled “Django Design Patterns and Best Practices”
> <
> http://arunrocks.com/django-design-patterns-and-best-practices-book-coming-soon/
> >.

Is there anyway we can collaborate together in designing and creating a
"step-by-step build a full featured app" series? (I really like the Hacker
News series)

I ask this because when we conduct our session we explicitly say that
everything that you need to become a proficient technical Software
Developer is on the internet and freely available. We just create a
learning path and put you into an environment of beginners and experienced

> I know, it is another plug but it seems exactly like what you are looking
> for. I have worked at several campus connect programs in my previous job.
> Most students seem to go through several tutorials yet struggle with taking
> an idea to market. Most of my book tries to guide such folks with concise
> yet practical advice.
> I agree with your approach on typing rather than copying code. Unless
> someone types everything line by line, they are never going to pay
> attention to even the syntax :)


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