[BangPypers] [Job] Skoov is hiring Python professionals

Anand B Pillai anandpillai at letterboxes.org
Mon Oct 26 02:03:44 EDT 2015

Skoov [1] is an E-commerce product search company which is building the
revolutionary, all-in-one search engine to allow users to search and buy
products across multiple e-commerce websites from one place.

We have built a search engine that indexes 40+ e-commerce websites and
provides Natural Language like searches [2],[3] on close to 50L products.

The core search engine is written in Python and runs on Flask/Django.

We are solving some interesting problems at a large-scale at Skoov and
is building a team in Bangalore right now.

We are looking for core Python engineers to join our team to scale this
exciting product to the next level.

Looking for...,

Core Engineer Backend  - 2-5 yrs, Python/Flask/Django, Celery, Redis,
uwsgi, HTTP with Good Analytical & Problem Solving skills. Scrapy
knowledge is a plus.

Core Engineer Frontend - 2-5 years, Python/Django, Javascript/JQuery,
Bootstrap/HTML/CSS3, Responsive UX Design experience.

Skoov offers competitive salaries, all standard industry perks along
with a stake in the company for deserving candidates.

Send resumes to anand at skoov.com OR anandpillai at letterboxes.org with the
subject as "Skoov - BangPypers". Please dont reply to this thread.



[1]: http://www.skoov.com
[2]: http://www.skoov.com/search/?q=laptops+under+40000&source=enter
[3]: http://www.skoov.com/search/?q=mobiles%20in%20range%202000%20to%205000

CTO at Skoov, http://skoov.com

anandpillai at letterboxes.org


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