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PyCon India 2015 is taking place from 2nd October-4th October in Bangalore.
Apart from the workshops and talks, Poster presentation is being introduced
as a new format in the conference this year. A Poster presentation provides
an opportunity for more one-to-one interaction and allows accommodating
more niche topics.

This is a Call for Proposals for Poster session. The submissions are now
open. The last date for submission is 25th September. To understand the
purpose and format of Poster session and to see if it is a suitable format
for your idea, please see the Call for Proposals at

What is a Poster Session

Think of the science fair in your school. The idea is similar. A poster
will have content sufficient for a short talk of maximum 8-10 slides. A
board will be provided where presenters can put either one single Poster or
a set of slides describing their project or idea. Audience walks around the
area. They can read the Posters and initiate conversations if they have
questions or comments.
Who can submit?

Come one and come all!

If you have an idea, you should submit it. Since there is no
speaking-to-a-hall-full-of-people bit involved, beginners may find this
format less intimidating and a good launching pad for public speaking. On
the other hand, experienced presenters will enjoy the intense one on one
discussions this format facilitates.

We encourage you to submit a Poster even if you have already submitted a
talk proposal. If both are accepted, you can make use of the opportunity to
extend the conversations beyond the talk. Even if your talk proposal is not
accepted, it may be ideal for the Poster session.

Important Dates


   September 11th, 2015: Call for Poster proposals.

   September 25th, 2015: Poster proposals due.

   Oct 3rd & 4th, 2015: Poster sessions.

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