[BangPypers] Python 2.x Vs 3 & Books - Frequently Asked Question but on latest context

Propadovic Nenad npropadovic at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 12:12:19 EDT 2016

Hello Jins,

I'll give you my perspective as a practitioner, on the first question.

You'll need both.

In the long run Python 3 will probably eventually completely replace Python

However, at the moment there are still far to many tools/libraries/projects
written in Python 2 only, that you can't avoid it for work right now. I'm a
freelancer switching projects regularly, and in 3 of my five last projects
started by using Python 3 and soon realized they wont bother and reverted
to Python 2.

If  you're starting out and just *learning* in order to know and be able to
do stuff, it does not really matter anyway. Because, Python 2 and Python 3
are far too similar, except in specific areas. Like unicode.

IF you do need any of the fancy stuff made for Python 3 only, well you
obviously need Python 3. But then, why would you bee asking?

Instead of worrying about the language, put in the effort to learn the
language well, and, even more important, the ecosystem: the tools,
libraries, topics, community...

Then you'll be prepared for both versions.

I'm afraid I cant recommend any current book from experiance. The one I
learned from is far too old :).

I stumbled over "Learn Python the hard way" (please google it, if
interested), and I really liked it. But again, I haven't used it to learn...



2016-08-04 17:18 GMT+02:00 Jins Thomas <jinsthomas at gmail.com>:

> Hello all,
> A frequently asked question, but would like to hear the latest opinion of
> Python enthusiasts on this.
> 1) If a person is starting with Python these days can we  still recommend
> to start with 2.x or it's better now to start with 3
> 2) Do we have new good books recommendations for beginner/intermediate
> levels
> Thank You
> Jins Thomas
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