[BangPypers] [JOB] Full-stack Python dev for Cricket focused real-time gaming platform

Pratik Shah pratik at mastermindsports.co.uk
Tue Feb 2 13:33:37 EST 2016


I am pratik - founder of Mastermind Spors. We're re-imagining ways in which
fans follow their favorite live cricketing moments through virtual currency
betting game.

Our Android app Clever Cricket is live on the Play Store

Would love to hear your feedback!

Our previous game Matchup Cricket was played by more than 50K users with
over 8 Million predictions by fans.

We're building an ambitious real-time sports prediction gaming platform and
looking for passionate devs who can take the platform to the next level.

If you are excited by the opportunity (or even know anyone in your circle)
would love to talk...

*Responsibilities include:*

1. Building a server-platform that offers reliability, speed of handling
hundreds of thousands of concurrent users

2. Implementing gaming features including real-time push frameworks etc.

*Experience and Skills*

1. 3-5 yrs in Python development. Including frameworks such as Django,
REST, Celery etc. Lesser experience ok if having demonstrable expertise.

2. Should have proficient knowledge + experience in Redis and/or MySQL or
any real-time DB

3. Full-stack experience across Webserver, DB, Caching Frameworks, Core app

4. Should love sports - Cricket fans preferred ( You might end-up watching
lots of cricket - we eat, sleep, play Cricket )

*About Mastermind Sports*

Mastermind Sports is a mobile gaming studio focused on live sports gaming.

A combination of sports, gaming and technology lovers, our aim is to
improve the live sports experience for the smartphone generation of fans.

Our first game, Clever Cricket is an amazing new, real-time virtual
currency betting game that gives cricket fans, a chance to show off their
cricket betting skills to the world. Play by betting virtual coins on
predictions, grow balance, complete prediction tasks, cross levels, compete
against the best in the world and top leaderboards, and be a Clever Cricket

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