[BangPypers] [Job] Riptide IO, Bangalore - Python Developers

Sangeeth Saravanaraj sangeeth.saravanaraj at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 07:29:55 EST 2016

Riptide IO has multiple openings for Python programmers in dev and dev-test
teams. We are looking for full-time entry-, mid- and expert-level Python

Primary Responsibilities:

   - Write idiomatic PEP8 compliant object-oriented Python code.
   - Identify and write unit tests & functional tests using any of the
   testing frameworks in Python. Familiarity with py.test is a plus!
   - Ability to demonstrate an idea by writing quick test-/toy-programs in
   - Learn and use the standard libraries whenever possible and not to
   reinvent the wheel by writing new code.
   - Knowledge of Python libraries for web services, ReST API’s, etc.
   - Zeal to do profiling, performance tuning, optimization, etc.
   - Do not hesitate to use debuggers whenever needed.
   - Familiarity with async frameworks in Python.

Experience in the following areas is a plus:

   - You must have experience in Git and its work flows.
   - Proficient in Linux.
   - Experience with at least one continuous integration tool.
   - Experience (or at least interest) in Energy Analytics, Big Data and
   Cloud Technologies, Building/Home Automation, Cassandra, etc.
   - Knowledge of protocols like BACnet, Modbus, Zigbee, etc. Having used
   and/or tested at least one industry standard product which involves these
   protocols is a big plus.

You will be very much liked by us if you do the following:

   - Attend PyCon India regularly; Participate in monthly BangPypers
   meetup. If possible, contribute to the community!
   - Contribute to [Python based] open source projects.

You could also apply here - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/105701526

Thank you,


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