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Nischal HP nischal at unnati.xyz
Mon Feb 29 08:09:13 EST 2016


In today's fast paced world, Data is everything. We're seeing such massive
amounts of advances in the technology field owing to the fact that there
are so many people that are coming together and sharing information.

Data science is the branch of computer science that aims to analyze and
extract meaningful insights from the generated data and it is a promising
emerging field. More and more individuals from non-data science backgrounds
and those currently practising, constantly need to develop and hone their

Data Science is being embraced by all companies to optimize their business
be it recommendations for e-commerce, reaching the right audience with
marketing campaigns, predicting stock markets or optimizing warehouse. Data
science is everywhere! Research says data science will be the fourth
industrial revolution
Are you ready for it?

Unnati <http://unnati.xyz> is a startup focussed on building high quality
products that help companies take data driven decisions. We also believe
that it is important that this knowledge be shared. HasGeek in
collaboration with Unnati Data Labs presents a series of data science

For details and bookings please visit:

   - Introduction to data science in Python:

Tickets are priced at Rs. 6,000 (early bird) and Rs. 7,000 (regular) for
each workshop.
For more information, please contact Nischal/Raghotham: nischal at unnati.xyz
/ raghotham.s at unnati.xyz |  +91-9980513359, +91-9980746008

Warm Regards,
Co-Founder | Data Engineer
Unnati Data Labs

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