[BangPypers] Advice on Python/Django Outsourcing Relationships

nikhil at dags.co.za nikhil at dags.co.za
Fri Jan 1 09:42:32 EST 2016

Hi Guys, I hope that this message is appropriate for this forum.I'm a South Africa developer running a two man agency (Python/Django). I will be in Bangalore around 18/01/2016 for one week and I'm looking to establish a relationship with firms who have a strong Python/Javascript skillset. Ideally I would like to come in and meet with the PM/lead Dev to get an idea of who we will be working with etc.Can you guys make any suggestions, offer any referrals and/or suggest other channels I might be able to meet the right people through? Thanks in advance
Nikhil Somaru
Chief Technologist
Dags Labs
+2776 954 9392
[ http://dags.co.za ]( http://dags.co.za )

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