[BangPypers] [JOB] Backend Lead Developer (Python) at SignEasy

phalgun guduthur phalgun_g at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 8 08:47:24 EST 2016

Hi there, 
I'm Phalgun, one of the engineers at SignEasy. SignEasy (getsigneasy.com) is a bootstrapped, successful & profitable startup based out of SF & Bangalore. 
We are currently seeking a Backend / Server Side Lead Engineer who has the knowledge of scalable server architecture and its maintenance.  BACKGROUND
Here is a quick background of our stack.SignEasy’s backend API which powers all of its user facing products - both mobile and web, is written in Python using Flask.We use AWS extensively to host our infrastructure including EC2, ELB, S3, and RDS. We use Nginx and Apache as our web servers and MySQL/Redis for our data stores. We use Ubuntu/Linux and Windows servers - We have a legitimate reason to use Windows. :)Our stack is very stable and has served us well, but there is always room for improvement and refining. We want to improve our first byte response times and migrate from MySQL to a PostgreSQL database. (We hate downtimes and have had 2 scheduled downtimes in the last 18 months). We have successfully upgraded our file storage system twice without downtime.We are efficient at keeping our infrastructure costs low, but we would still want to be extra cautious and lower the costs further.We use Papertrail, CopperEgg, Skeddly, Monit, Jenkins, Github and HipChat to help maintain an almost perfect availability and monitor our infrastructure.PROBLEMS / CHALLENGES WE ARE FACING   
   - We currently have a lot of new product features that need tweaking in the API. 
   - We have multiple points of failures in our infrastructure that need to be mitigated. 
   - We have to constantly keep track of disk usage and CPU spikes. 
   - We have to track API logs to see signals of potential bugs and feature usage. 
   - Marketing, Product & Support teams often reach out for data which requires a few good minutes to generate. So, we need a customized and flexible dashboard to self-serve the data on demand.
   - Random bugs crop up in an unrelated API after a particular feature change. 
   - Our DB is very inflexible to make major changes at the current scale. 
   - We don’t know which API takes more time to respond than required nor have we taken steps to optimize it. 
   - API consuming developers don’t use or misuse a few APIs.
   - Architect and design reusable server components for Web as well as Mobile applications
   - Interact with product and engineering to gather requirements for implementation
   - Make the API as flexible as possible to allow future changes
   - Talk to our API consuming engineers in the mobile and web client team and make their life easier
   - Write unit and integration tests which will pave way for a continuous deployment and minimize unexpected bugs
   - Work on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery infrastructure
   - Monitor server health and keep them in shape daily. Automate enough to let you sleep peacefully at night
   - Monitor API logs daily and report to the corresponding stakeholders. Be vocal in suggesting features based on this data
   - Build a universal dashboard for internal use where colleagues can either fetch data (for marketing teams) or edit data (for support teams)
   - Migrate to a better data storage for compliance with standards and feature requirements
   - Hustle and get the app developers to use your APIs right
   - Communicates ideas and gathers requirements effectively
   - Has built a REST API for mobile and web clients and at scale at least similar or larger than ours 
   - Has experience with AWS and monitoring systems
   - Knows how to write unit testable software code and write unit tests 
   - Is comfortable to handle migration and revamp of data storages and computing infrastructure
   - Has experience with CI tools to handle automated deployments
   - Flair to handle DevOps for the team
   - Prior experience working in a product start-up will be an added advantage
Do drop a note to pg at getsigneasy.com for any questions or head over to http://getsigneasy.com/jobs#op-95310-backend-developer-lead-python
Thank you! Phalgun

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