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Abdul Muneer abdulmuneer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 09:06:13 EDT 2016


Minds.AI (http://minds.ai) is an early stage startup with promising work in
the field of Machine Learning. We have super fast Neural Network training
platform and are building other associated products that will help
customers leverage AI. Minds-ai is spread across India, Netherlands and US
with equal emphasize on all three locations. We are looking for a senior
developer who is good in Python and Javascript with more than 5 years of

Beyond the obvious benefits of salary/stock, you also get to work with some
of the best people in the industry. We are a mix of engineers, scientists
and mathematicians. Our team includes Co-creator of Bluetooth, A PhD from
Geoffrey Hinton's lab, A PhD in computational astrophysics, A PhD in
particle physics, Engineers with reputed work and from reputed institues
like Caltech and IITs and even a couple of high school students! You see,
we are far from the usual tech monoculture :) .
We encourage diversity, respects everyone and encourages all kinds of

If the domain of Artificial Intelligence excites you and you meet the below
requirements, please reply *only to me* with your cv. If you are not
interested but know someone suitable, please refer!

We are located in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

The required skillset:

> Basic Datastructures
> Object Oriented Programming.
> Any web development framework Flask/Pyramid/Django. (We use Flask)
> Familiarity with SQL Alchemy.
> Familiarity with advanced features of python like decorators, collections
module etc is a huge plus.

> HTML5 - css, basic javascript.
> JQuery
> Any other webframework like Angular/React. (We use React)
> Experience in visualization tools like D3.js is a huge plus.
> Experence in image processing using javascript is a huge plus.

> Familiarity with any relational database like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle (We
use postgres).

​*Version Control:*​
> Git or Mercurial (We use Git).

​*Development Platform:*​
> Linux.

> Ability to work independently and with fluid requirements
> A genuine interest in the field of NN and a willingness to learn more
about that
> Ability to pick up new skills and technologies quickly

Please note that Javascript skills are also very essential as we will be
building lot of browser based tools for Neural Network Development.
Abdul Muneer

Twitter: @abdulmuneer <http://twitter.com/#%21/abdulmuneer>

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