[BangPypers] JOB :: Looking For Freelance Developers

Sudheer Satyanarayana sudheer.zzz at sudheer.net
Mon Jul 25 03:05:55 EDT 2016


We're looking for couple of Python developers to help us with a
medium-term(about 3-6 months) project.

If the below description sounds good, get in touch with me:
* Experience using any Python web framework such as Django, Flask, Pyramid
* Proficient with SQL databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
* Comfortable handling HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Familiarity with modern
frontend development is a plus.
* Comfortable using and developing web APIs

This is a contracting opportunity. Remote working will be considered.


Sudheer Satyanarayana
Gavika Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.http://www.gavika.com


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