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Subhendu Panigrahi subhendu at venturesity.com
Tue Jul 26 05:44:34 EDT 2016

Hello Members,

We are looking for a couple of Python developers to become part of
Venturesity and help us build the next generation of products. More about
us and the role below.

Who are we:

Venturesity is a challenge and peer learning platform. We are using a
challenge model to help companies discover relevant talent and hire better
people. The platform allows companies to post challenges to job seekers
instead of boring job descriptions.

These challenges mimic real working scenarios and give the job seekers a
flavour of what problems they are going to tackle in the workplace. Also,
each challenge has a package of learning resources to go through,
leaderboards to track performance and features to showcase what each
candidate has created or worked on.

We are 30+ hardworking and fun loving team based out of Indiranagar. Our
member base is 100K plus and growing. We have marquee clients like Amazon,
Oracle, Morgan Stanley, OLA and many more.

What are we building :

The next generation engagement platform for professionals to learn and
showcase their true potential. The platform consists of setting up MCQ
(Multiple choice questions), coding (stdin/stdout with metric as one of
time, memory or program size) and data science challenges. Some are live
and some we are cooking. More when we meet!

What are we looking for :

An enthusiastic and energetic person who wants to work in a start-up. A
responsible and reliable person who believes in finishing whatever he has
started. A person who is not afraid to learn new things and have fun along
the way.


Must to have


   SQL (Familiarity with MySQL and/or PostgreSQL)

   Python Web Frameworks (Familiarity with Flask and/or Django)

Nice to have


   Celery with Redis
   - AngularJS/ReactJS

Let us know if you are interested.

Regards, Subhendu

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