[BangPypers] SDN Hackfest, 2 & 3 July, 2016, Bangalore

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Sat Jun 11 14:08:37 EDT 2016

*SDN Hackfest <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/> : *Work as a team (Dev, UI/UX,
Doc) in creating a solution to one of the many projects
<http://www.sdnhackfest.org/projects.html> on July 2 & 3 2016 at ASM
Technologies Ltd. Bengaluru. Registration <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/> ends
June 17, 2016
Organised by
<http://www.asmltd.com/html/home.htm>    <https://www.iaccindia.com/>

*An opportunity to challenge yourself and be rewarded for developing Open
Source SDN software*

*SDN Hackfest <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/> : Work as a team (Dev, UI/UX,
Doc) in creating a solution to one of the many **projects*
<http://www.sdnhackfest.org/projects.html>* on July 2 & 3 2016 at ASM
Technologies Ltd. Bengaluru. **Registration*
<http://www.sdnhackfest.org/>* ends
June 17, 2016*

*Why Participate?*

India is the hotbed for outsourced software development. Indian consulting
companies monitor and manage most of the networks deployed in Fortune 1000
organizations around the world, either onsite or remotely. Additionally
these companies provide software development services for many, many IT

SDN related offerings enable outsourcing companies provide more advanced
services in addition to basic networking tasks while enabling the real end
customer get more out of their networks. SDN has been the backbone for
infrastructure areas such as Smart Cities program such as Bristol, UK.

Come join hands and lets Make in India and make it a smart one too.

*Demonstrable skill set about you:*

   - *Software Developer*

     o   Python, javascript, html, css, databases

   - *UI/UX Designer*

     o   Web front ends, icons, colors, fonts, themes, persona development,
   presentation templates

   - *Documentation specialist*

      o   Markdown, ReStructured Text, html, user guides, developer guides,
   story boards, white papers, data sheets

There is no training at this event.  It is a professional competition.  We
expect you to learn on the fly and develop solutions as a team. On
registration <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/>, you will select a prioritized
list of projects <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/projects.html> that you are
competent to work on. Your LinkedIn profile, GitHub ID and the 200 word
note will help us qualify you to participate in the hackfest event. We want
to make sure you succeed on the project and your work is useful to the

*The challenge:*

   - Select from the given list of SDN OpenSource projects on
   - Develop the solution as a team to the assigned problem.  Present the
   solution to the panel for feedback and rewards


   - *Free :*  Zodiac FX to work on and take away home. (1 per team)

   - *Cash prizes* *:* Rs. 50,000, Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 10,000/-

*How to Participate:*

*Step 1:*Go to  <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/>www.sdnhackfest.org, for
further details, (click register now)
*Step 2:* Fill in your personal details in the pre-qualification form
*Step 3:* Importantly enter your Github ID (or get one ID ) (and LinkedIn
ID too)
*Step 4:* Write in about 200 words why you feel you should be selected for
the SDN Hackfest.
*Step 5:* Submit the pre-qualification form. By June 18, you will receive a
reply from the Organizers on your qualification for participating in
*Step 6:* In case you qualify, the mail will include a link to the
Qualified registration module, where you will have to confirm your
registration by paying a registration fee of Rs 1000/- (Rupees One thousand
*Step 7:* You will receive a mail confirming your acceptance and also a
‘registration’ badge.

Register Now <http://www.sdnhackfest.org/>
*Copyright 2016 © SDN Hackfest. All rights reserved.*

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