[BangPypers] Fw: Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe Invite you to join CSA APAC Congress- 22nd-23rd November, Bengaluru

lokesh bobby lokeshbobbys at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 04:30:03 EST 2016

Cloud Security Alliance APAC Summit is happening next week(21st - 23rd Nov) for the first time in India. We have some free passes available. If anyone interested, please send me there details as mentioned below.
You have few details in this mail. You can visit CSA site for full details.

  Thanks,Lokesh Kumar Makani    From: Sandip Kumar Panda [mailto:sandip at instasafe.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 12:15 PM
To: team at instasafe.com
Subject: Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe Invite you to join CSA APAC Congress- 22nd-23rd November, Bengaluru    Dear _______, Greetings! Proud to share, for the first time in India, theCloud Security Alliance, APAC Congress is being held in Bangalore next week. InstaSafe is humbled to be part of CSA and recently we became the 1st product company out of India to be itsCorporate Member and in this event will be launching the 1st State of Cloud Security Survey of India. This survey, has taken inputs from hundreds of CIO’s across the country along with DSCI & CORE and being a industry first move, has some great insights.    It would be great to have you for the Congress and I look forward to you joining us.   Below are the invitation details. Kindly review & Confirm.   Thanks _____   ************************************************************************************ Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe would like to extend the invite for the upcomingCSA APAC Congress which will be held on 22nd- 23rd November in Shangri- La hotel,Bengaluru.   Register NOW!! - https://www.eventbank.com/event/648/   Theme of the Congress is Emerging from Dark Cloud Arising The global economy slowdown is seeing share prices of technology firms, especially firms providing cloud computing or related services taking a beating. We have created a cloud industry that today saw adoption rates at the highest and a high service provisioning maturity. In a self-fulfilling prophecy, cloud computing firms saw demand for their services decreases due to lower manufacturing demand, which sort of validated what we were selling at the start - an on-demand cloud that plays on the OpEx! So we are seeing validation of our 2009 sales pitch - where companies actually managed to downscale their demand for cloud services in accordance with market trends and demand, in REAL TIME! So does this mean that we shot ourselves in our foot? That we shall instead “introduce” inefficiencies into the cloud? Or shall we be looking at the building from a solid foundation - leveraging the cloud, building more applications o top of it, creating that delta of services that enable business and create customer satisfaction! So instead of a doomsday message, the “The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse - Mobile, Big Data Analytics and Social (On top of Cloud) ” are bringing new opportunities that will drive the global economy forward just like what cloud computing did back in 2009! Behind every cloud is another cloud. We just have to make sure that there is a silver lining in that as well! The conference will feature some of the region’s and world’s most influential minds in information security and cloud computing including:   ·        Shri. Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary at Ministry of Electronics & Information technology (Invited) ·        Rajiv R. Chetwani, Director Information Systems Programme Office at ISRO ·        Sri. Raj Kumar Srivastava, IFS , Managing director , Karnataka State Electronics,Development Corporation Limited ·        Dr. Amar Prasad Reddy , Director General at National Cyber- Safety & Security Standards ·        Jim Reavis, Co-founder & CEO of Cloud Security Alliance ·        Dr. Meng Chow Kang, Chief Information Security Officer, APJC Region at Cisco Systems, Inc.  ·        Juanita Koilpillai, Founder & CEO of Waverley Labs ·        Rudra Murthy, CISO, Digital India at Ministry of Home Affairs ·        Debabrata Nayak, Chief Security Officer at Huawei ·        Dr. Vikram Sharma, Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer at Quintessence Labs ·        Sandip Kumar Panda, CEO at Instasafe ·        Clayton Jones, Managing Director Asia- Pacific, (ISC)2   For additional information and the agenda, visit-https://www.eventbank.com/event/648/     Having trouble seeing this email? view it online        

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