[BangPypers] Fw: Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe Invite you to join CSA APAC Congress- 22nd-23rd November, Bengaluru

Chintu Philips Koshy chintukoshy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 02:32:53 EST 2016

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Chintu Philips Koshy

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 3:00 PM, lokesh bobby via BangPypers <
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> Hi,
> Cloud Security Alliance APAC Summit is happening next week(21st - 23rd
> Nov) for the first time in India. We have some free passes available. If
> anyone interested, please send me there details as mentioned below.
> NameOrganizationContant#Email
> You have few details in this mail. You can visit CSA site for full details.
>   Thanks,Lokesh Kumar Makani    From: Sandip Kumar Panda [mailto:
> sandip at instasafe.com]
> Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 12:15 PM
> To: team at instasafe.com
> Subject: Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe Invite you to join CSA APAC
> Congress- 22nd-23rd November, Bengaluru    Dear _______, Greetings! Proud
> to share, for the first time in India, theCloud Security Alliance, APAC
> Congress is being held in Bangalore next week. InstaSafe is humbled to be
> part of CSA and recently we became the 1st product company out of India to
> be itsCorporate Member and in this event will be launching the 1st State of
> Cloud Security Survey of India. This survey, has taken inputs from hundreds
> of CIO’s across the country along with DSCI & CORE and being a industry
> first move, has some great insights.    It would be great to have you for
> the Congress and I look forward to you joining us.   Below are the
> invitation details. Kindly review & Confirm.   Thanks _____
> ************************************************************************************
> Cloud Security Alliance & Instasafe would like to extend the invite for the
> upcomingCSA APAC Congress which will be held on 22nd- 23rd November in
> Shangri- La hotel,Bengaluru.   Register NOW!! - https://www.eventbank.com/
> event/648/   Theme of the Congress is Emerging from Dark Cloud Arising
> The global economy slowdown is seeing share prices of technology firms,
> especially firms providing cloud computing or related services taking a
> beating. We have created a cloud industry that today saw adoption rates at
> the highest and a high service provisioning maturity. In a self-fulfilling
> prophecy, cloud computing firms saw demand for their services decreases due
> to lower manufacturing demand, which sort of validated what we were selling
> at the start - an on-demand cloud that plays on the OpEx! So we are seeing
> validation of our 2009 sales pitch - where companies actually managed to
> downscale their demand for cloud services in accordance with market trends
> and demand, in REAL TIME! So does this mean that we shot ourselves in our
> foot? That we shall instead “introduce” inefficiencies into the cloud? Or
> shall we be looking at the building from a solid foundation - leveraging
> the cloud, building more applications o top of it, creating that delta of
> services that enable business and create customer satisfaction! So instead
> of a doomsday message, the “The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse - Mobile, Big
> Data Analytics and Social (On top of Cloud) ” are bringing new
> opportunities that will drive the global economy forward just like what
> cloud computing did back in 2009! Behind every cloud is another cloud. We
> just have to make sure that there is a silver lining in that as well! The
> conference will feature some of the region’s and world’s most influential
> minds in information security and cloud computing including:
> ·        Shri. Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary at Ministry of Electronics
> & Information technology (Invited) ·        Rajiv R. Chetwani, Director
> Information Systems Programme Office at ISRO ·        Sri. Raj Kumar
> Srivastava, IFS , Managing director , Karnataka State
> Electronics,Development Corporation Limited ·        Dr. Amar Prasad Reddy
> , Director General at National Cyber- Safety & Security Standards
> ·        Jim Reavis, Co-founder & CEO of Cloud Security Alliance
> ·        Dr. Meng Chow Kang, Chief Information Security Officer, APJC
> Region at Cisco Systems, Inc.  ·        Juanita Koilpillai, Founder & CEO
> of Waverley Labs ·        Rudra Murthy, CISO, Digital India at Ministry of
> Home Affairs ·        Debabrata Nayak, Chief Security Officer at Huawei
> ·        Dr. Vikram Sharma, Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer at
> Quintessence Labs ·        Sandip Kumar Panda, CEO at Instasafe
> ·        Clayton Jones, Managing Director Asia- Pacific, (ISC)2   For
> additional information and the agenda, visit-https://www.eventbank.
> com/event/648/     Having trouble seeing this email? view it online
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