[BangPypers] Registration for PyCon Pune 2017 is Open Now!

Noufal Ibrahim KV noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Sat Nov 19 00:06:04 EST 2016

On Fri, Nov 18 2016, Shanki Singh Gandhi wrote:

> Really astonished after visiting CFP site of pune pycon, wondering why
> Junction is not being used for it. If we are not using the product
> developed by use, then why other will use it.


Let's not go there. 

Junction is one option for managing CFPs.  It has its own strengths and
weaknesses and if one of the shortcomings is a showstopper for the PyCon
Pune team, spending time fixing the software is a bad investment given
how close the actual event is.  Using whatever is available, even if
it's low tech or not written in python, to keep the momentum going and
getting things done is better than fixing software.  After all, during
the conference, the question of which system was used to gather and sort
through the CFPs is more or less irrelevant.


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