[BangPypers] lists and tuples

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at nibrahim.net.in
Tue Oct 4 08:11:52 EDT 2016

On , Siva Ranganath wrote:
> Hi All,
> please let me know few cases when we will go with Lists and tuples in
> pyhton.

Lists are like vectors (since you're from a C++ background). They can 
expand/contract depending on data and are also heterogeneous meaning 
that all the elements needn't be of the same type. It's a flexible 
container for holding things. Lists are often iterated over (e.g. for i 
in all_documents) or indexed (e.g. students[5] to get the fifth 

Tuples are more like C structures in that they're used to hold a few 
related things together. They have several behaviours similar to a list 
(can be indexed, iterated over etc.) but are not mutable (you can't 
add/remove elements from them). However, they're often used differently. 
They're used as C structs but without names for the fields. So, points 
in 2D space (x,y) are a good candidate for a tuple or maybe a colour in 
RGB colourspace denoted by (r,g,b).

For a more in depth discussion, you should look at the official python  
tutorial at https://docs.python.org/3.6/tutorial/

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